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Newsletter: Mobile Answers in Disaster Scenarios

This has been a tough year for natural disasters, from earthquakes to tsunamis to hurricanes. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 just a few weeks away, we are reminded that their are unnatural disasters also that also threaten human lives.

I remember taking a first-aid class when I was a teen, then a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class as a young adult. Most of those techniques have been updated, especially CPR guidelines that were just changed.

As business travelers, it occurs to me that our smart phones could go a long way towards providing information to help us in emergencies. Yes, we check them for delayed flights and weather information -- you probably already have a good weather app on your phone. But what about first aid? If you were caught in a life-threatening situation, could you be helpful? If someone was bleeding, would you know what to do?

Weather Apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android

Let's cover the weather apps first. With Hurricane Irene's devastation fresh in our minds, I was not surprised to see that the hurricane- tracking apps on iTunes were VERY popular.

I also realized that I should include apps for other platforms in my newsletter, so here's a selection.

iPhone apps



Medical/First Aid Apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android

There were several categories of applications that could be helpful for disaster situation: disaster planning, first aid, and triage. Because I'm focused on in-the-moment concerns, I focused on the last 2 categories.




Pre-Disaster Planning

It wouldn't feel right if I did leave out disaster planning -- or rather pre-disaster planning. The US Government has an entire website devoted to disaster preparedness. As business travelers, we may not be home when disaster strikes, so making sure that your family is OK without is really important.

I highly recommend following their recommendations to ensure your family's safety. I did find a mobile version of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's website that corresponds to this website.

Let me say that I hope you never need these resources, but I also encourage you to be prepared.
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