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ToolieTravelBlog - Luggage Lost, Kindness Discovered

Below is a story of interest to business travelers.

Luggage Lost, but Kindness Discovered
A 20-year business traveler says experience has taught her that people are the most important element of any trip.

I too have lost luggage, gadgets, paperwork etc. in transit. I even had my American Express card traded (by a waitress) with someone else's card during a business trip! It's refreshing to find kind, thoughtful, HONEST people still out there. Be one of them also! Help where you can.


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ToolieTravelBlog - Response to Proposed Carry-On Restrictions

Below is news that is pertinent to business travelers.

Travelers Weigh in on Policing Carry-Ons

Readers have strong opinions about a bill in Congress that would require the Transportation Security Administration to police the size of carry-on bags.

Cutting Those Carry-Ons Down to Size

A bill recently introduced in Congress would standardize the size of carry-on bags and require the Transportation Security Administration to enforce the limits.
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ToolieTravelBlog - Best travel gadgets of 2009

For your convenience, here is news that is pertinent to business travelers. On a personal note, that Victorinox gadget got my attention!

Best travel gadgets of 2009

The whopping 32GB USB drive that is included on the Victorinox Presentation Pro can hold about twice as much music and video as the biggest iPhone. One caveat: Make sure to pack it in your checked luggage to comply with airport-security regulations.; $330.

Get in gear with the very latest smartphones, laptops, and essential trip accessories.


FAA to propose new rules on airline pilot hours

June 16: The Federal Aviation Administration and airlines have agreed to take action to improve safety on regional carriers in response to questions raised about pilot training following a deadly crash near Buffalo, N.Y. NBC's Tom Costello reports.   (Today Show)

Federal aviation officials say they may ask Congress to require airlines to obtain the full training histories of pilots before hiring them.

I always welcome your feedback.

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ToolieTravelBlog - When in Rome, an Executive Coach Learns How It Is Done in Italy

For your convenience, here is news that is pertinent to business travelers.

When in Rome, an Executive Coach Learns How It s Done in Italy

When he s instructing multinational executives, a development coach often learns as much as he teaches.


 Emirates Grounds its one and only Airbus A380

Emirates have grounded its one and only airbus A380 that is operated on its Dubai to New York flight, with a Boeing 777-300ER temporarily put on this route.

Emirates have not said much about the grounding apart from saying that their Engineers are working on an unspecified Electrical issue, an Arabian Business Newspaper has also reported the following quote from Emirates,

Emirates A380 Grounded 

Our teams are working hard to minimize any inconvenience caused to our passengers. Our A380 will be deployed on commercial service again as soon as possible

Other sources suggest that Emirates A380 is expected to be placed back into service by 12 September.

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ToolieTravelBlog - Rating Hotel Rooms - Premium Airline Perks

For your convenience, here is news that is pertinent to business travelers.

Aspiring to Rate Rooms When Everyone is a Critic
Given the slump in travel, you would think there would be no room for another hotel rating business. But no.

For Some Airlines, Recession Doubts Are Taking a Back Seat
With few exceptions, airlines are maintaining their efforts to keep high-paying travelers satisfied with premium perks.

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