Jocelyn "Toolie" Garner is a speaker, author, and the travel information publisher. A 10-year veteran employee of Microsoft Corporation, Ms. Garner traveled to over 30 countries on their behalf, speaking on the Windows operating systems and software development. Her wide and varied experience in the computer business as technical writer, educator, and conference speaker contributed to her passion for personal productivity and her success as a business traveler. Toolie left Microsoft in 2003 to start her own publishing business, Tooliedotter Press.

Toolie's passion is helping to reduce the stress of business travel. She writes a monthly newsletter where shares her personal insights on business travel and the value of cross-cultural contact en route. Toolie also teaches personal productivity skills to business travelers through personal appearances, her writings, and her computer-based training and webinars.

You can reach Toolie by email, phone, or mail. She welcomes comments and suggestions from her readers.


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