Toolie's practical advice has been appreciated over the years. Here's a sampling of what her readers say.

Toolie wrote about her tactics for getting a passport on short notice, and one of her subscribers wrote to say thanks!

I just wanted to thank you for this awesome information. I waited until 2 days before my passport expired to take action and was freaking out about not having my passport and frustrated with myself for not taking action sooner. Well...I followed this great advice, sent my passport off in the mail on a Thursday and got my new passport back the following Thursday. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this information with me. Randi A.

In response to her newsletter about getting a FedEx account for business travelers:

"As usual for your newsletters, this one had very helpful info. I looked into a FedEx or UPS account years ago and for some reasons did not get one. I often have 5-10 manuals left over after a public program and I bring the box home as checked luggage. Your newsletter reminded me to check into a FedEx account again, so I'll be able to arrange for shipping back from my hotel. Thanks! Linda K."

About her newsletter reviewing a half-dozen heavy-duty travel cases:

Love your newsletter! Thanks for the information regarding travel cases. Carla C.

From a new subscriber reading the newsletter for the first time:

This is great, Thanks! And thanks for the cool travel tag! Joel M.

From a colleague who appreciated the newsletter about utilizing short lengths of time during travel:

Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your information. Take care, Neil U.

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